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Visit for information on a wide range of great physicians, including their education, credentials, and specialties. Your neurologist or primary care physician may refer you to a physical, occupation or speech therapist.

Primary Physician

Delivers your overall care for non-Parkinson’s related conditions and works with the Parkinson’s care team as needed. Please be sure to request a Parkinson’s Disease Trained Therapist.


Leads patient care including managing medications as needed and identifying other patient needs. Also, refers and communicates with the clinical team.

Physical Therapist

Helps assess needs related to functional mobility under various categories such as mobility, endurance, strength, fine motor skills, and balance.

Occupational Therapist

Helps facilitate function and mobility needed for daily activities and to maintain independence and quality of life with Patient goals in mind.

Speech Pathologists

Evaluates and treats communication and swallowing disorders, and works with the clinical team to address these needs to maximize quality of life.