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About Parkinson’s

Our Kaiser Permanente Care Model

Who makes up my care team?

Our Parkinson’s care model includes specially trained experts working together using evidence-based practices to provide you the highest quality care.

  • Patient and Caregivers: You, your caregivers, and loved ones are at the center of the care team.
  • Primary Physician: Delivers your overall care for non-Parkinson’s related conditions and works with the Parkinson’s care team as needed.
  • Neurologist: Leads care directly related to Parkinson’s related conditions, manages medications, and identifies additional medical needs.  Your neurologist and care team work closely with researchers staying focused on improving current treatments. Information on research programs can be found on this website.
  • Physical Therapist: Assesses needs related to functional mobility including;  endurance, strength, fine motor skills, and balance. Your therapist will also advise on appropriate exercises you can do. Remember, exercise is one of the most powerful treatments to prevent the progression of chronic conditions.
  • Speech Therapist: Evaluates and treats your ability to communicate and treat swallowing disorders.
  • Occupational Therapist: Facilitates therapy to maximize function and mobility needed for maintaining daily activities improving independence within a safe home environment.

In addition to the clinicians shown above, your care team may also include – nutritionists, social workers, pharmacists, behavioral health specialists, neurosurgeons, and geriatricians.

What to expect

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